Flat Friday

I’m very disappointed to announce that I’ve only had maybe 50 or 60 brands email me today with Black Friday discounts. The good news is that I can save 20% on anti-aging crème. The bad news is I don’t think anti-aging crème is going to help me much!

What’s truly staggering is that in our customer focused, data driven, insight led world, there’s not a single offer that’s landed in my inbox that I will be taking up. Most of the content is irrelevant (with the possible exception of the anti-aging crème) and there’s a distinct lack of imagination across all the emails. They’re interchangeable, vanilla, copycats of each other. I can save 20% on hotels, clothing, software, hardware, event tickets, flights, tents, surfboards, coats, backpacks, golf clubs cycling shorts and video games. There’s even 20% of kids – thanks but I’ve got enough of those already, For the record I also don’t play golf, I don’t have a games console and I definitely should not be seen in cycling shorts!

And I’ve got so many messages and so many identical offers they’re all just noise, drowning each other out. So I finish up ignoring all of them. Which makes me question why the brands behind these messages are sending out so many?

Maybe it only takes 1% of people to click through to justify bombarding the other 99%? Maybe they’re doing it because I’m in the minority and everyone else wants to be overloaded with offers? Maybe they’re doing it because everyone else is, so they feel they have to do the same?

Whatever happened to thinking about the customer?

Whatever happened to thinking creatively and standing out from the pack?

Whatever happened to my inbox?

I know it can be hard but start by thinking about your customer and when you really understand them, then use your imagination to differentiate what you do. You might just find great results. Go on big brands, I dare you. 

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