Creative Thinking

Creative thinking

seeing the world from another perspective

When we’re presented with a problem our natural reaction is to use memory and logic to solve it. Millions of years of evolution have combined to make them very effective tools. And together memory (what did i do last time) and logic (what’s the obvious thing to do) lead to sensible, predictable outcomes. We know what’s going to happen. That’s a good thing.

But our competitors often have the same information. And similar experiences. So they can get to the same conclusions as we can. Which means we don’t have any sort of competitive advantage. If we want to stand out we need to use a different way of thinking. We need to try seeing the world from a different perspective. We call that creative thinking.

Creative thinking is behind almost every leap in history. Logic didn’t get us to the computer, creative thinking did. Logical thinking didn’t conceive the motor car or the production line, creative thinking did. The transition from vinyl records to digital streaming wasn’t a logical step, it was a creative leap.

But thinking creatively is hard – we’re afraid our ideas will be judged, and for many of us coming up with new ideas isn’t a natural activity. There are many things holding us back. But with the right setting, and the right support we believe we can all be creative.

We’ve developed a set of tools and techniques to help anyone think creatively, to help solve any problem. They’re simple and memorable, yet very effective. And they work with every problem we’re applied them to.

So if you want to learn how to think differently drop us a line.