How We Do It

How we do it

creating GREAT IDEAS

Our approach at Folio Ideas is inspired by our experiences in science, engineering, and marketing.

At its heart is our creative process, GREAT IDEAS, a simple but highly effective way to create just that. GREAT IDEAS has been developed and refined after years of application in a wide range of different situations, so we know it works. We use GREAT IDEAS to help you fully understand your challenge, to create exciting new ideas, to refine and evaluate them.

And contained within GREAT IDEAS is a set of creative thinking tools that are simple to understand and use, but hugely effective. We use those tools with you and your teams to stimulate new ideas and unleash your creative brilliance.

Unlike many consultancies or agencies, we like to work with our clients, not just for them. That means we don’t just take a brief and come back with ideas that you might (or might not) like. Instead our approach is to work alongside you and your teams to help them come up with brilliant creative ideas. We particularly love working with groups of people, bringing together different talents from across an organisation. That way you develop a real sense of ownership – we help you find your ideas, not just give you ours. Our approach combines facilitation and coaching, with a lot of energy and experience to help you innovate.

Typically we engage with clients in a consulting, training or coaching relationship, or a mix of all three. But every client we work with knows that whatever the challenge, we’ll help them create unique, and innovative solutions.