release the genius within

Business hire experts. We employ the best people and set them to work on complicated, challenging issues.

But sometimes with all that expertise it can be hard to take an objective step back. Our knowledge and expertise can make it more difficult to lean back and look at things from a broader perspective. Because sometimes we really can know too much.

You might want to be more customer focused. But you’re an expert who thinks about your business every day. Your customer’s often aren’t, and usually don’t, so how can you ever really put yourself in their shoes? Or maybe you’re trying to work out how to get round an obstacle, but you can only see one way of approaching it. Your knowledge and expertise, brilliant as they are, actually make it harder see around the problem. 

If you’ve ever had a conversation with a six year old, and they’ve asked you the simple, insightful, killer question you never ask yourself, then you know what we’re talking about. 

The truth is more often than not we have the answers. But we need help to get them out. Someone to coax them from the back of our minds to the front. Someone to coach us. Someone to help us find the answers we know are in there somewhere. 

Whether it’s how to deal with a  difficult situation, how to solve a complex problem, or how to pitch a new idea, our coaching can can help you to get your answer out in the open.