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Folio Ideas

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and innovation
to help solve
business challenges

Folio Ideas is a new kind of consultancy, designed to help help organisations think creatively, solve their difficult problems and be more innovative.

For too long we’d seen all manner of businesses struggle to find solutions to their problems, or to make the most of new opportunities no matter how much resource they were investing. We saw businesses relying on their partners, their agencies and management consultants to think creatively. And we heard so many people say “I can’t be creative.” And we realised that we could help.

We help businesses who are wrestling with a difficult problem that they don’t know how to solve. It might be an issue with products, operations, marketing or something else. We help by bringing a unique mix of experience and innovative thinking. We help by bringing an independent point of view. And we help by introducing your business to a suite of tools and techniques that help you innovate and communicate more effectively. Whether consulting, training or coaching our aim is to help you find answers, and to communicate those answers persuasively. We help you solve those problems that are holding you back. We help you unleash your potential.